Businesses have been using TRINSPIRATION™ phrases in their marketing for years and may or may not realize the benefits of these pithy aphorisms. Nike has used “Just Do It” for years. Sprite used to say in their ad campaigns: “Obey Your Thirst.” AT&T had as their slogan “Perform Without Limits” which I totally dig. Then they changed to “Your World. Delivered.” While that is a three word phrase, it does not come under my definition of a TRINSPIRATION™. To be a true TRINSPIRATION™, it must be a complete imperative sentence in which the subject, “You,” is understood. (See my blog post “Know the Rules”). Getting back to my point, and I do have one, if AT&T had wanted to make their current slogan a true TRINSPIRATION, we would change it to “Deliver Your World,” which makes me go “Hmmmmmm.”

Mutual of Omaha’s slogan, “Insure Your Possibilities™” is a great example of a TRINSPIRATION™ phrase as is Lean Cuisine’s “Keep Life Delicious™.” Yum… Jenny O encourages its customers to “Make the Switch,” while Champion Energy advocates: “Make the Change.” Heineken Beer advertises with a TRINSPIRATION™ phrase: “Open Your World.” Vitamin Water says: “Prepare for Everything” and Minute Maid uses a double TRINSPIRATION™ phrase by combining “Put in Good, Get Good Out.” (That’s kind of like the computer programmer’s “Garbage in/Garbage out” mantra). One of my recent favorite advertiser’s slogan is Verizon’s “Rule the Air” because to me this has a spiritual, as well as literal meaning.  Gatorade also uses a TRINSPIRATION™ phrase with “Win From Within”—which also has a spiritual component to it.

When you hire our firm, we’ll partner with your ad agency to find the TRINSPIRATION™ phrase that communicates your message. With TRINSPIRATION™ marketing, we will share our over 700 TRINSPIRATION™ phrases to see which one sends the message that will cause your targeted customer to “Close the Deal.”


If there is a secret to success, it just might be little things done well.
John Wooden

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