Cash the Check


I had a pleasant surprise this week when I received a royalty check in the amount of $217.49 from the publishing company for a song I wrote 19 years ago. This unexpected deposit would not have happened, though, if I had not received the 1099 two weeks earlier alerting me to the payment. It seems the music publisher sent me that check last May but had no record of me cashing it—which I hadn’t.


The song, “We Applaud Your Greatness,” was included on the album Men in Worship with Jack Hayford. After all these years, this out of print CD is now available on iTunes and I got to cash a check for my song.


So yesterday at church, the media department played a video in honor of Black History month. In it, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said the following:


I refuse to believe that the Bank of Justice is bankrupt…We’ve come to cash the check, which brings me to the title of this blog—“Cash the Check.” I didn’t know I had a check to cash until the publisher alerted me to the fact. Then I had to call them and say, “I never received the check.” They verified that it had not been cashed and re-issued it right away. So what check has been sitting in your drawer un-cashed because you either didn’t know it was there or had forgotten about it? In his speech, MLK said, “I refuse to believe that the Bank of Justice is bankrupt.” At the time of this speech, many black people probably felt just the opposite. With being forced to sit at the back of the bus, to use separate restaurants, water fountains, and schools, it is conceivable that most thought not only was the Bank of Justice bankrupt, it was closed for business. Good luck cashing that check. But a man with a dream who believed that all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, among them are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness arose on the horizon and did fundamentally change the social landscape of America for the better.


So what check do you need to cash? Has a talent been deposited in your care but you haven’t been to the bank to cash it because you thought the bank had declared bankruptcy? Has an idea for an invention been mailed to you but you put it away because you didn’t see how you could ever get the money to bankroll the idea? Have you filed that Great America Novel away because you thought no one would want to read what you have written? It’s time to cash the check. Believe like Martin Luther King, Jr. that the Bank of Justice is not bankrupt but open for business and furthermore, it is ready to “cash the check” on your behalf. Like the 1099 that alerted me I had money just waiting to be cashed, let this blog serve as the reminder that you have a check that is just waiting for you to deposit and begin reaping its fruits. “Cash the Check” my friend.


Cashing the check,


Rodney Johnson

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