Check Your Baggage


For the first time in over two years, we had all three of our adult children at home last week. Our middle daughter finished her 25 month commitment as a Peace Corps Volunteer and arrived Thursday evening in time to spend two full days with her younger sister who was home on spring break from her school in Texas. All three siblings enjoyed a night out together Saturday leaving mom and dad home to watch something on the DVR…I don’t remember what it was. Then early Sunday morning, and I do mean early, as in 4:00AM, we made the 35 minute trek to LAX to put our soccer princess back on the plane to Texas. My wife, Valerie, booked our youngest daughter’s flight and is always careful to get the most economical fare. We saved something like $200 by having her leave at 6:15AM instead of later in the day. Moreover, some airlines charge up to $50 more for checking your bags instead of using carry-on luggage, which brings me to the point of this blog.


If you were going on a trip today, would you check your baggage? Oh, I’m not talking about your Samsonite or Louis Vitton bags. And I’m really not talking about taking a literal trip per se, either. You see we’re all on a trip called “Life” and if we’re carrying things that will weigh us down and keep us from arriving at our destination, we need to “check our baggage.” The airlines are very strict about what size items can be stowed in the overhead bins. If the dimensions are wrong or it exceeds the weight limit, you’ve got to “check your baggage.”


What baggage have you been attempting to put in the overhead bin of your life that just doesn’t fit? As they say in their pre-flight instructions, the articles you’ve stored above your head may have shifted during flight and you are encouraged to exercise caution in opening the door. For me, the thoughts I have stored “in my head” sometimes become baggage that keep me from arriving at my destination. Is too much television time becoming the “baggage” you need to “check?” Too much time spent on social media can be the baggage that keeps you from filling your day with healthy, vital interactions with live human beings. Now, I’m not knocking social media because I use it for fun and work; however, it is not all consuming and hasn’t yet become what I consider “baggage.”


Whatever your baggage may be, it’s time to check it in a long term storage locker. Then once it is “checked,” throw away the key and don’t ever go back for it. Maybe it will show up on an episode of Storage Wars. Although, bad thoughts, laziness, gluttony, procrastination and debauchery won’t bring you much money even on a cable TV reality show.


Checking my baggage,


Rodney Johnson

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