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Talk about right up my alley…#ThreeWordsToLiveBy is trending on Twitter right now. And I’ve seen everything from the ridiculous to the sublime. A dancer tweets: “Point You Toes.” A female softball players tweets: “Love the Game.” A goofball tweeted: “Always respect word limits.” If he were tweeting, my daughter’s soccer coach would undoubtedly say, “Value the Ball.” At least that is what he’s told her on more than one occasion. In fact, that #TRINSPIRATION made my Top Ten TRINSPIRATION phrases of 2012.


For over 14 years, I’ve been collecting #ThreeWordsToLiveBy, which I have dubbed TRINSPIRATION™ phrases. To date I have over 785 of these pithy aphorisms in my arsenal of commands. And that’s what a TRINSPIRATION phrase is…a command. It’s something we tell ourselves to take a positive step on a daily basis.


My lovely wife, Valerie, is leaving with the seniors at Oaks Christian High School for a retreat. One of the meaningful things these young people will do is read letters that have been sent by parents, grandparents, friends, relatives and teachers to encourage them on their life plan. Valerie is writing letters to the teens who are in her advisory council. Without giving it away, she is telling them all to “Recognize Your Significance.” Yes, that’s the name of my first TRINSPIRATION™ book; however, this is not a marketing ploy on her part. We both truly want people to “Recognize their significance.” I’ve reconnected with someone from high school who told me about a conversation we had in 1978 that changed the course of his life. Quite frankly, I didn’t remember that conversation at all but obviously it meant something very significant to him. So let me encourage you today. You are more “significant” than you know. Your words and your actions are affecting people every day. Now is the time for you to “Recognize Your Significance” and move forward confidently that your life has purpose and meaning.


Recognizing Your Significance,


Rodney Johnson

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