Establish Your Mindset


It’s September, a month of new beginnings for so many. Students of all ages across the country have started back to school. The excitement of the first weeks is over and now the work has begun. First quizzes and tests are upon them. The successful ones seem to have something in common—they have “Established Their Mindset;” determined within their day-to-day and semester-to-semester routine they will succeed by setting in motion habits and disciplines that will support their goals. There is something about a syllabus that demands this kind of response.


As adults, I think sometimes it is more difficult. Where is our syllabus? Who writes it? For most, our jobs or careers look very much the same from year to year. We must pay extra close attention to this concept of “Establishing Our Mindset” if we are going to live the life of purpose to which we have been called. At we feel that the key ingredient to “Establishing Our Mindset” is FOCUS. In this month of new beginnings – September 2013 – we will encourage our readers and each other as we blog about trinspirations of FOCUS: Set The Pace, Identify Your Strengths, Find Your Passion, Donate Your Time, Enjoy Regular Sabbath, Clarify Your Priorities, Take Small Steps, Focus Your Time…Energy…Faith…Gifts…and so many more. My goal…to sneak up on January and those New Year’s resolutions by “Establishing My Mindset” now. I believe it is going to make for a much more productive winter season.


Establishing My Mindset,


Valerie Johnson

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