Be The Ladder


Be The Ladder

I follow @jakemcclain on Twitter and Thursday, he tweeted two #TRINSPIRATION phrases that caught my eye. One of those is #WinFromWithin, which is part of Chelsea Browning’s anti-bullying crusade & Gatorade also uses it effectively in their marketing. However, Jake created a new one, #BeTheLadder, that has been cogitating around my noggin for the last two days. “Be the Ladder” as opposed to “Climb the Ladder.” We’ve all been admonished to “Climb the Ladder” of success but how does “Be the Ladder” relate and more specifically does it relate to September being our month of FOCUS. I think it does.


What is a ladder used for? Obviously, it is to get to a higher place you can’t reach on your own ability. A ladder is used to build things, although it is not the mechanism that does the actual building. It just helps you get to the place where the building can start. What else do we use a ladder for? I drove by an 8500 square foot house I sold in July and ladders/scaffolding were placed all around the outside to assist the painters in getting to the highest of heights in order to restore this house to its glory.


So if I were to suggest to you, #BeTheLadder, I’m saying you can be the one to help someone get to a higher place they couldn’t otherwise reach on their own. I’m also saying you can be the person who helps someone build something by being their support. If you #BeTheLadder, you can restore someone to the glory they may have abdicated or never thought possible to achieve in the first place. By being a ladder, you will fulfill your purpose because the top rung of the ladder represents the pinnacle of success. What a great FOCUS to have.


Being the Ladder,
Rodney Johnson

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