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Tackle Your Quarterback #RunItBack

Tackle Your Quarterback Tackling T.D. Jakes When the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl in 2020 for the first time in 50 years, I reconnected with my home team.

Name Your Year

I learned to name my year from my spiritual father, Jack Hayford. During his time as the senior pastor of The Church on the Way in Van Nuys, California, he

Aspire to Inspire

Driving down Topanga Canyon Boulevard in the San Fernando Valley, my attention was caught by a sign on a church at the base of Stoney Point Mountain. It read: Aspire

Take The Shot

I almost threw it away…my shot, that is. What am I talking about? Hamilton, one of the most popular shows on Broadway, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s brilliant musical, and specifically the second

Open the Gift

I’m usually pretty good at guessing what my Christmas gifts are going to be if they are given by my family. One of the reasons is that I give them

Be The Ladder

  Be The Ladder I follow @jakemcclain on Twitter and Thursday, he tweeted two #TRINSPIRATION phrases that caught my eye. One of those is #WinFromWithin, which is part of Chelsea

Establish Your Mindset

It’s September, a month of new beginnings for so many. Students of all ages across the country have started back to school. The excitement of the first weeks is over

Start a Trend

Talk about right up my alley…#ThreeWordsToLiveBy is trending on Twitter right now. And I’ve seen everything from the ridiculous to the sublime. A dancer tweets: “Point You Toes.” A female

Check Your Baggage

For the first time in over two years, we had all three of our adult children at home last week. Our middle daughter finished her 25 month commitment as a

Cash the Check

I had a pleasant surprise this week when I received a royalty check in the amount of $217.49 from the publishing company for a song I wrote 19 years ago.

Count the Passes

Before you read anything further, please stop and watch the 1:22 minute video called “Selective Attention Test.” You will be asked to count the number of times that the people