Do you feel like your dream will never come true?

I understand having dreams deferred. In 2009, when I realized I could control my thoughts and thereby control my world, everything changed.

“Recognize Your Significance” will walk you through an entire year of living an inspired life while learning to control your thoughts.

Accelerate Your Dream
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I Speak.

Rodney’s popular “Find Your Passion” and “Control Your Thoughts/Control Your World” topics are great for team Zoom meetings while many are working from home. When the economy opens up again, Rodney speaks on those topics in person as well as all of the TRINSPIRATION® phrases found in Recognize Your Significance.

I Write.

Rodney and his wife, Valerie, love to encourage readers through the TRINSPIRATION® phrases we find in daily life. Check out the blog by clicking here.

I Instruct.

Rodney has developed a six week video course based on the truths he has learned about prophecy—namely that a TRINSPIRATION® phrase is meant to encourage, build-up and comfort—just as prophecy does according to I Corinthians 14:3. Register to receive notification when the video series is ready to launch.
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