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trin spĭr rā’ shun

adj. describing a three-word phrase of inspiration or encouragement designed to propel you to positive action on a daily basis.

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Businesses have been using TRINSPIRATION® phrases in their marketing for years and may or may not realize the benefits of these pithy aphorisms.

Nike has used “Just Do It” for years. Sprite used to say in their ad campaigns: “Obey Your Thirst.” AT&T had as their slogan “Perform Without Limits” which I totally dig. Then they changed to “Your World. Delivered.” While that is a three word phrase, it does not come under my definition of a TRINSPIRATION®. To be a true TRINSPIRATION®, it must be a complete imperative sentence in which the subject, “You,” is understood. (See my blog post “Know the Rules”). Getting back to my point, and I do have one, if AT&T had wanted to make their current slogan a true TRINSPIRATION®, we would change it to “Deliver Your World,” which makes me go “Hmmmmmm.”


Debra Easley

” I heard my first TRINSPIRATION® almost 15 years ago. Rodney was speaking at an office meeting, exhorting everyone attending to “think” in the direction of their goals. “Take the shot”, “stay the course”, “make the choice”, “plan the results” and hundreds of similar three-word phases – each one aimed at helping you reinforce achieving your goals without compromising your beliefs. These simple little phrases help keep you motivated, on track, and moving in the direction you were meant to go. TRINSPIRATIONS have been one of the best weapons in my achieving life toolbox. . . and, along the way, I have learned to Enjoy the Journey!”


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